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These recipes are here mostly for my own use, but you are of your course free and even encouraged to try them. Please excuse the somewhat telegraphic style and the many abbreviations (see Help).
Some of these recipes are from cookbooks or the Web, others are my own, but none are in original form. I have modified/completed/improved all of them in one way or another, and when appropriate, I give the link to the original recipe. All recipes are translated into French - toutes les recettes sont traduites en français.

Last update: 2024 April 30

apple   asparagus   aubergine   aubergines   avocado   bacon   Béchamel   beef   berliner   black_trumpets   boletus   bolognaise   bourguignon   braised   bratwursts   bread   brisket   Brussels   buns   burgers   butter   cabbage   Caesar   cake   camembert   capers   carrots   cauliflower   celeriac   cervelas   chanterelles   charcutière   cheese   chicken   chickpeas   chili   chinese   chorizo   Christmas   civet   Cobb   cod   cold-soup   confit-lemon   cookies   cordon_bleu   coulis   couscous   cream   croûte   crust   cucumber   cured-pork   curry   deer   dip   dough   duck   eggplant   eggplants   eggs   endives   english   filet   flan   flank   fondue   francesinha   fried-rice   fries   game   garlic   gnocchi   gorgonzola   gratin   green-beans   green-peppercorns   gruyere-cheese   haddock   hallumi   ham   hamburgers   hanger   Hanukkah   hen   jewish-food   jus   lamb   lasagna   leaven   leeks   leg-of-lamb   lemon   lentils   lettuce   liver   mac-and-cheese   magret   mango   Marengo   marinade   Marsala   mashed   matzo   meatballs   meatloaf   medallions   mexican   Middle-East   morels   muffin   mushrooms   mussel   mustard   nasi-goreng   North-Africa   nuggets   onions   orange   osso-buco   oven   paprika   parmesan   parsnip   pasta   paté   peppercorns   peppers   perch   pesto   pickle   pie   pink-peppercorns   pizza   polenta   polpette   poolish   porcini   pork-chops   potatoes   poutine   puff-pastry   pumpkin   puttanesca   quenelles   quiche   rack   ratatouille   red-beet   rhubarb   rib-roast   rice   risotto   roast   roasted-pepper   roestis   roll   rooster   roquefort   Rossini   salmon   saltibocca   sandwich   sandwiches   sardines   sauce   sauce-verte   scallops   schnitzel   seafood   shallot   shank   Sheboygan   shrimps   sliders   slow-cooked   slow-cooking   soufganyot   spaetzle   spaghetti   spinach   sprouts   stew   stock   Stroganoff   sweet-potatoes   swiss-chard   tarragon   tartare   tataki   tempura   tenderloin   tentsuyu   teriyaki   TexMex   Thai   tomatoes   tournedos   tuna   turkey   turnip   turnips   vacherin   veal   vegetables   vegetarian   vinaigrette   vodka   vol-au-vent   Voronoff   white-beans   wine   yogurt   zâalouk   Zurich-style  

 apple: Apple tart   

 asparagus: Asparagus lemon Pasta   NEW Kafta   Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto   Cream of asparagus with morels   NEW Asparagus gratin with ham   

 aubergine: NEW Stuffed aubergine   

 aubergines: Moroccan eggplant caviar (Zâalouk)   Aubergines salad   

 avocado: Guacamole   

 bacon: Appetizer bacon - cumin flan   

 Béchamel: Béchamel sauce   

 beef: Oxtail consommé   

 berliner: Soufganyot (Berliners)   

 black_trumpets: NEW Black trumpets sauce   

 boletus: Chicken legs with ceps (or morels)   Deer strips "minute" with boletus   

 bolognaise: UPDATED Bolognese sauce à la OP, close to original recipes   

 bourguignon: Beef bourguignon   

 braised: Basque style chicken   Braised chicken thighs   

 bratwursts: Swiss style or Sheboygan bratwursts   

 bread: Braided butter bread   Bread soup   Natural sourdough bread   Eggs Roestis   

 brisket: UPDATED Brisket (oven braised)   Poutine and brisket Sauce   

 Brussels: Brussel sprouts   

 buns: Hamburger buns   

 burgers: Turkey (chicken) burger   

 butter: Braided butter bread   

 cabbage: Cabbage soup   

 Caesar: Caesar salad   

 cake: Fruit cake   

 camembert: Leek camembert quiche   

 capers: Lemon caper sauce for poultry or fish   

 carrots: Curried Carrot Soup   Carrot salad   Carottes Vichy   

 cauliflower: Mashed cauliflower or parsnip   Cauliflower gratin   

 celeriac: Celery remoulade   Celery Root Purée   

 cervelas: Cervelas salad (Wurstsalat)   

 chanterelles: Chicken chanterelles vol-au-vent with lemony sauce   Sautéed chanterelles   

 charcutière: Sauce charcutière for pork chops   

 cheese: Cheese soufflé   Swiss cheese pie   Valais fondue with tomatoes   Cheese croûte   

 chicken: Chicken sumac   Chicken quenelles (dumplings)   Chicken pot pie   UPDATED Matzo balls soup   Cordon bleu   Spaghetti and chicken meatballs   Beer can chicken   

 chickpeas: Falafel   Summer chickpea salad   

 chili: Chili con carne   

 chinese: Orange ground chicken wok   Char Siu Chicken   

 chorizo: Risotto vialone nano chorizo and peas, by Olivier Streiff   Risotto chorizo Manchego   

 Christmas: Christmas cookies (Milans)   

 civet: Venison stew (or other stew)   

 Cobb: Cobb salad   

 cod: UPDATED Cod in Provencal sauce   Cod parmentier    Fish and chips   Cod filet with homenade tapenade   Cod curry with tomatoes   Cod papillote   

 cold-soup: Gaspacho   

 confit-lemon: Penne with confit lemon, roasted garlic and chicken   

 cookies: Christmas cookies (Milans)   

 cordon_bleu: Cordon bleu   

 coulis: Roasted peppers sauce or coulis   

 couscous: Couscous (without couscousière)   

 cream: UPDATED Vaud cream pie   

 croûte: Cheese croûte   

 crust: Pie crust   

 cucumber: Cucumber Salmon Bites    Cucumber salad japanese dressing   Raita   Cucumber salad   

 cured-pork: Pancetta    

 curry: Minced veal in curry sauce   NEW Lamb curry   Chicken curry   Cod curry with tomatoes   

 deer: Deer strips "minute" with boletus   

 dip: Htipiti - Roasted pepper & feta spread   

 dough: Pie crust   Pizza dough   

 duck: UPDATED Duck in orange sauce   Duck magret   Terrine of duck hazelnuts and pistachio by Brigitte   

 eggplant: NEW Stuffed aubergine   

 eggplants: Moroccan eggplant caviar (Zâalouk)   Aubergines salad   

 eggs: Eggs in white wine sauce   UPDATED Egg salad with mayonnaise    Eggs Benedict   

 endives: Endives gratin with ham   

 english: English muffins   

 filet: Tournedos Rossini   Tournedos Rossini for 10   Beef filet Voronoff    

 flan: Appetizer bacon - cumin flan   Caramel flan   

 flank: Hanger-flank steaks with Shallot Sauce   

 fondue: Valais fondue with tomatoes   

 francesinha: Francesinha   

 fried-rice: Egg fried rice (nasi goreng)   

 fries: Oven fries   

 game: Sauce for game   Deer strips "minute" with boletus   Venison stew (or other stew)   

 garlic: French Garlic Soup   Garlic shrimps   Penne with confit lemon, roasted garlic and chicken   

 gnocchi: Gnocchi gratin with Manchego cheese   UPDATED Gnocchi   

 gorgonzola: Gorgonzola sauce   

 gratin: Macaroni gratin by Paul Bocuse   NEW Kafta   Gnocchi gratin with Manchego cheese   Cauliflower gratin   Endives gratin with ham   Gratin Dauphinois   Swiss chard gratin   NEW Asparagus gratin with ham   

 green-beans: NEW Green beans salad   Green beans   

 green-peppercorns: Green pepper sauce for steaks   

 gruyere-cheese: Pasta with gruyere cheese   

 haddock: Fish and chips   

 hallumi: Fried hallumi   

 ham: Ham with brandy (or Madeira)   Ham cooked in beer   

 hamburgers: Hamburger buns   Hamburgers and sliders   

 hanger: Hanger-flank steaks with Shallot Sauce   

 Hanukkah: Soufganyot (Berliners)   Latkes (potato pancakes)   

 hen: Poule au pot   

 jewish-food: Soufganyot (Berliners)   UPDATED Matzo balls soup   Latkes (potato pancakes)   Cholent (tshulnt)   

 jus: Au jus   

 lamb: Lambchops on the BBQ   Lamb fillet with rosemary jus   Leg of lamb   NEW Lamb curry   

 lasagna: Meatless lasagna   Spinach lasagna   

 leaven: Natural sourdough bread   

 leeks: Leek soup   Quiche with leeks and bacon   Leek camembert quiche   Papet vaudois   

 leg-of-lamb: Leg of lamb   

 lemon: Asparagus lemon Pasta   Lemon caper sauce for poultry or fish   Lemon Pasta   Chicken breasts with lemon   

 lentils: UPDATED Lentil soup   Red lentil salad   Lentils   

 lettuce: Frisée (salad) with lardons   

 liver: Beef (calf) liver with sauce   

 mac-and-cheese: Macaroni gratin by Paul Bocuse   

 magret: Duck magret   

 mango: NEW Thai mango salad   

 Marengo: Veal Marengo   

 marinade: Traditional Teriyaki Marinade   Marinade for pork slices   

 Marsala: Veau ou poulet Marsala sauce aux champignons   UPDATED Scaloppine al Marsala   

 mashed: Mashed cauliflower or parsnip   Celery Root Purée   

 matzo: UPDATED Matzo balls soup   

 meatballs: Meatballs (polpette)   Spaghetti and chicken meatballs   

 meatloaf: Ground beef roast (meat loaf)   

 medallions: Pork medallions with ceps (porcini)   Pork tenderloin medallions with morels sauce   Pork medallions with mustard sauce   

 mexican: Guacamole   

 Middle-East: Chicken sumac   Pink pickled turnips   Kebabs   Israeli salad   Falafel   Aubergines salad   

 morels: Morel sauce   Chicken legs with ceps (or morels)   Pork tenderloin medallions with morels sauce   Cream of asparagus with morels   

 muffin: English muffins   

 mushrooms: UPDATED Mushroom sauce   Mushroom salad   Mushroom fricassée   

 mussel: Mezze penne, mussel sauce    

 mustard: Chicken in mustard sauce   

 nasi-goreng: Egg fried rice (nasi goreng)   

 North-Africa: Moroccan eggplant caviar (Zâalouk)   Couscous (without couscousière)   

 nuggets: Chicken nuggets   

 onions: Onion pie   French onion soup   Grilled onions for steak on BBQ   

 orange: UPDATED Duck in orange sauce   Orange ground chicken wok   

 osso-buco: Osso buco   

 oven: UPDATED The simplest chicken recipe   Roast chicken Margherita   Oven fries   Ham cooked in beer   

 paprika: Paprikásh csirke (Chicken paprika)   

 parmesan: Parmesan chips   

 parsnip: Mashed cauliflower or parsnip   

 pasta: UPDATED Pasta Salad   

 paté: Terrine of duck hazelnuts and pistachio by Brigitte   

 peppercorns: Poivrade sauce   

 peppers: Peperonata   Chicken in red pepper cream sauce   

 perch: Perch filets   

 pesto: Spaghetti al pesto    

 pickle: Pink pickled turnips   

 pie: Rhubarb pie   Chicken pot pie   Pizza   Pie crust   Swiss cheese pie   

 pink-peppercorns: Pink berry sauce   

 pizza: Hot oil for pizza   

 polenta: Polenta   

 polpette: Meatballs (polpette)   

 poolish: Bread on poolish   

 porcini: Porcini cream soup   Pork medallions with ceps (porcini)   Sliced chicken with porcini mushrooms   

 pork-chops: Pork chops with mustard sauce   Sauce charcutière for pork chops   

 potatoes: Roestis   Mashed potatoes   The greatest recipe for potato salad   Pommes persillade - pommes Sarladaises   Fried potatoes   Cod parmentier    Oven fries   Latkes (potato pancakes)   Hachi parmentier   Ecrasé de pommes de terres   Gratin Dauphinois   

 poutine: Poutine and brisket Sauce   

 puff-pastry: Salty flutes   Palmiers   

 pumpkin: Pumpkin Pie à la SWP   Pumpkin pie   

 puttanesca: NEW Spaghetti alla puttanesca   

 quenelles: Chicken quenelles (dumplings)   

 quiche: Quiche with leeks and bacon   Quiche Lorraine   Quiches   Leek camembert quiche   Pie crust   

 rack: NEW Pork rib roast   

 ratatouille: Ratatouille   

 red-beet: Red beet salad   

 rhubarb: Rhubarb pie   

 rib-roast: NEW Pork rib roast   

 rice: UPDATED Rice   UPDATED Cardamom spiced rice   

 risotto: Risotto vialone nano chorizo and peas, by Olivier Streiff   Risotto with Vacherin Mont-d'Or   Risotto chorizo Manchego   Risotto (basic recipe)   

 roast: UPDATED Pork roast   Beef roast    Slow cooking roast   

 roasted-pepper: Roasted peppers sauce or coulis   

 roestis: Roestis   Eggs Roestis   

 roll: Hoagie rolls   

 rooster: Coq au vin   

 roquefort: Tomatoes stuffed with roquefort   Roquefort sauce   Roquefort butter for steaks   

 Rossini: Tournedos Rossini   Tournedos Rossini for 10   

 salmon: Salmon tartare   Tagliatelle with salmon (or tuna) and spinach    Cucumber Salmon Bites    Saumon à l'aïoli    UPDATED Salmon steak   

 saltibocca: Saltimbocca alla romana    

 sandwich: Grilled cheese sandwich   Mini open face sandwiches   

 sandwiches: French ham sandwich   

 sardines: UPDATED Sardines pasta   

 sauce: Minced veal in curry sauce   Roquefort butter for steaks   Pasta all'arrabbiata   Chicken in mustard sauce   Chicken breasts with tarragon   Pasta with tomato sauce    Eggs in white wine sauce   Meatballs (polpette)   Lemon caper sauce for poultry or fish   Ham with brandy (or Madeira)   Htipiti - Roasted pepper & feta spread   Pork stew, grand veneur style   UPDATED Roasted chicken sauce   Pasta carbonara   Butter chicken   Bucatini all' Amatriciana   Pasta with Alfredo sauce   

 sauce-verte: Chimichurri steak sauce   

 scallops: NEW Pasta with scallops   Pan fried scallops   

 schnitzel: Schnitzel Holstein   UPDATED Wiener schnitzel   

 seafood: Seafood vol-au-vent   

 shallot: Hanger-flank steaks with Shallot Sauce   

 shank: Osso buco   

 Sheboygan: Swiss style or Sheboygan bratwursts   

 shrimps: Garlic shrimps   

 sliders: Hamburgers and sliders   

 slow-cooked: UPDATED Pulled pork   

 slow-cooking: Pot-au-feu   

 soufganyot: Soufganyot (Berliners)   

 spaetzle: Spaetzlis   

 spaghetti: NEW Spaghetti alla puttanesca   Spaghetti and chicken meatballs   Cacio e Pepe   

 spinach: Spinach pie   Tagliatelle with salmon (or tuna) and spinach    Spinach lasagna   Cream spinach   

 sprouts: Brussel sprouts   

 stew: Veal Marengo   Czech goulash    Pork stew, grand veneur style   Pork fricassee Vaud style    Venison stew (or other stew)   Cholent (tshulnt)   Beef bourguignon   Beef stew with carrots    Veal blanquette (white stew)   

 stock: Chicken stock    

 Stroganoff: Beef filet Stroganoff   

 sweet-potatoes: Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Maple & Thyme   

 swiss-chard: Swiss chard gratin   

 tarragon: Chicken breasts with tarragon   

 tartare: Salmon tartare   Beef tartare   Tartare sauce   

 tataki: Tuna tataki    

 tempura: Tentsuyu - Tempura dipping sauce   

 tenderloin: Beef filet Stroganoff   BBQ pork tenderloin   

 tentsuyu: Tentsuyu - Tempura dipping sauce   

 teriyaki: Traditional Teriyaki Marinade   

 TexMex: Chili con carne   Beef fajitas   

 Thai: NEW Thai mango salad   

 tomatoes: Tomatoes stuffed with roquefort   Tomato sauce for Pizza    Pico de Gallo (salsa   Tomato salad   Pasta with tomato sauce    Valais fondue with tomatoes   UPDATED Bolognese sauce à la OP, close to original recipes   

 tournedos: Tournedos Rossini   Tournedos Rossini for 10   

 tuna: Tuna tataki    Tuna salad with mayonnaise    Tuna pie   Tagliatelle with salmon (or tuna) and spinach    UPDATED Tuna pasta   

 turkey: Turkey (chicken) burger   

 turnip: Pink pickled turnips   

 turnips: NEW Glazed turnips   

 vacherin: Risotto with Vacherin Mont-d'Or   

 veal: UPDATED Scaloppine al Marsala   Schnitzel Holstein   UPDATED Wiener schnitzel   Cordon bleu   

 vegetables: Olivier Salad   Vegetable salad   Pasta Primavera   

 vegetarian: Pasta Primavera   

 vinaigrette: NEW Vinaigrette French salad dressing   

 vodka: NEW Penne alla vodka   

 vol-au-vent: Seafood vol-au-vent   Chicken chanterelles vol-au-vent with lemony sauce   UPDATED Vol-au-vent Olivier style   

 Voronoff: Beef filet Voronoff    

 white-beans: White-beans   

 wine: Wine Merchant Sauce / Red wine sauce   

 yogurt: Raita   

 zâalouk: Moroccan eggplant caviar (Zâalouk)   

 Zurich-style: Sliced veal Zurich style   

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