Frisée (salad) with lardons
=========================== 2018-10-08

Inspired by the Larousse de la cuisine.

Comment: Use a good smoked bacon to make the lardons.
For salad, if curly chicory is not available, another kind of salad can also do
the trick. Croutons are not indispensable, but homemade, they are much better
than the dry and hard residues served in some restaurants. Finally the egg
can be poached or soft boil, I prefer soft boil, maybe because it's simpler.
Use care when lowering the eggs in the boiling water, not to crack them.

4 people


1 curly chicory
200 g lardons (see link above)
4 eggs
2 cloves garlic
baguette (4 to 6 thin slices)
4 tablespoons EVOO
1 teaspoon mustard
2- tablespoons red wine vinegar
S + P


Wash the salad by discarding the outer leaves too green, dry it out.

In a salad bowl, prepare the vinaigrette with mustard, vinegar,
EVOO and S + P, emulsify well. Add the salad without yet mixing.

Rub slices of bread with the garlic cloves cut in half, then cut
the bread slices into small cubes and brown in a pan with a little
butter. Reverve.

Fry the bacon in the same pan without adding fat.
Place them briefly on a paper towel to remove grease,
then pour them on the salad. Mix salad and bacon well
with the vinaigrette.

Meanwhile, cook the soft-boiled eggs: place them gently in
boiling water, then count 5+ minutes when the water starts to boil
again, pass them under cold water, roll them on a hard surface to
break shell and peel them.

Divide the salad into 4 large bowls. Arrange the croutons and eggs
on top and serve.