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Comment: The goal is that at the end of cooking the lentils have just absorbed all the water and are not bathing in excess liquid. Most packages of green lentils require 3 times the volume of the lentils for water, i.e. for a 500 g package (volume ~600 ml), 1.8 l of water. Experience shows that this is too much. I therefore recommend 2.6 times, while keeping the possibility of adding water towards the end if necessary. In terms of weight, for 500 g of lentils, use 3 times the weight in water. However for some lentils (North America) it is still too much, moreover they cook in 20 to 25 minutes; so be careful!
Finally, since we cook over moderate heat, there is not much evaporation, even if we cook without a lid, as recommended here, to be able to stir from time to time.

A 500 g pack is suitable for 6 servings.

Tips: You can put the bacon rind in the pan and remove it at the end of cooking.
Let stand (covered) 24 hours, even better reheated the next day.

If you had the idea of using a vegetable broth or other instead of water, make sure that it is not salty, otherwise your lentils will remain tough ...


1 packet of "Le Puy" green lentils (500 g)
1.56 l of water, more if necessary (or less, see text)
1 good piece of smoked bacon (150 to 200 g)
1 medium to large onion
4 garlic cloves, crushed
1 to 2 carrots
6 Viennes (to add when there are only 5 to 10 minutes left)
2 or 3 cloves (planted in a piece of onion)
2+ bay leaf
S + P


Cut the bacon, reserve the rind if there is any.
Chop the onion, keep a heel to hold the cloves
Peel the garlic
Dice the carrots
Prepare the bay leaf and cloves
If desired, cut the Viennes in slices or in half


EVOO in the saucepan, sweat the carrots, onion and bacon (~10 min).
Add the lentils and cook for a few minutes while stirring.
Add cold water, garlic, spices.

Simmer 30 to 40 minutes (or less depending on the lentils - see test), stirring occasionally.
After 30 minutes, check the cooking. As soon as the lentils are "al dente" and the carrots are almost cooked, season with salt and pepper, then add the sausages. Do not cook for too long, otherwise the lentils will turn into mush.

At the end of cooking, leave to stand for ten minutes, the rest of the liquid should then be absorbed.