Eggs Benedict
============= 2024-01-20

Comment: American origin for this recipe, so it is not cast in stone and a number of variations exist. Feel free for example to replace the back bacon by another type of bacon or smoked salmon or even spinach (Eggs Florentine).
Similarly the Hollandaise sauce can be replaced by "sauce Mornay" for example.
Poaching the eggs is a bit of an art and a science. Always use a little vinegar in the cooking water, stir the water to create a small swirl, and gently roll the egg in the water from a small cup, one by one. If cooking more than 1 egg at a time, no need for the swirl, but the egg will not look as nice.
Hollandaise sauce: I usually get it ready made, but it may need a bit of added lemon juice.
English muffins: see English Muffins on this site.
Back bacon: also known as Canadian bacon or peameal bacon, smoked (prefered) or unsmoked.

Ingredients: per person

1 English muffin
2 thick slices of back bacon (or 4 thinner)
2 fresh eggs
Hollandaise sauce (with a dash of lemon juice - opt)
white vinegar
S + P

If using spinach, use 100 g of fresh baby spinach per person. Cut off the stems. Sweat a little shallot in butter with a pinch of salt. Add the spinach leaves and wilt for 1 to 2 mn. Add a dash of cream and use instead of the bacon.


Warm up the Hollandaise that will be served along with the egg Benedict.
Prepare a toaster (for the English muffin).
1 large pan with water and a dash of vinegar (for the eggs).
1 fry pan (for the bacon).
Butter and salt.

Cut the muffin in 2 and toast.
Meanwhile poach the egg (maximum 3 mn) and fry the bacon.

Butter the toasted 1/2 muffins, place 1 thick slice (or 2 thinner) of back bacon on each.
When the eggs are ready place them on top of the bacon, a few grains of salt and pepper and serve with a couple of spoonfuls of Hollandaise and a few drops of vinegar (opt).