Hoagie rolls
============ 2021-02-22

Inspired from: Hoagie Rolls

Comment: Hoagie rolls are simply soft sandwich buns. They are essential to Philly steak sandwiches, but are also needed for subs and other similar sandwiches...

4 rolls


260 g milk
18 g baker's fresh yeast
400 g bread flour
7 g honey (or sugar)
20 g EVOO (or soft butter)
7 g Salt

egg wash: 1 egg white + spoonful of milk


Warm up the milk (30 to 35C), mix in the yeast and the honey (or sugar), let rest ~10 mn.
In the mixer bowl, mix all the ingredients for ~2 to 3 mn and let rest for ~15 mn covered (autolyse).
Then knead for ~8 to 10 mn. Finally knead by hand another 2+ mn (fraiser).

Cover and let rest until doubled (~45 to 60 mn).

Cut in 4 parts of ~175 g each.
Using your fingertips lightly press and stretch the piece of dough into a rectangle about 8 inches (20 cm) wide and 1/2 inch (1+ cm) thick. Tightly roll from the bottom to the top. Press and seal the seam created on the bottom of the roll. Now, you should have a log of dough with the seam side down. Applying even pressure with the palm of your hands in the center of the dough gently roll the log out into a cylinder, about 10 inches (25 cm) long.

Place on a cooking sheet with some flour, cover and let rest for ~45 to 60 mn.

Preheat the oven to 190C - steam.

Using a razor blade, score the hoagies at 45deg along their length.
Spread the eggwash on top.

Place in the middle of the oven for ~20 mn until golden.
Let cool on a grid.