Fish and chips
============== 2023-04-30

Comment: Fish and chips are eaten in England drizzled with malt vinegar. Another option is a sauce tartare. For chips, I normally make them in the oven oven chips. For the beer, I use a good English amber ale, but it doesn't really matter, make sure you have enough, the rest is for the chef! For the frying oil, as I don't have a deep fryer, I use a frying pan, just large enough to cook 3 to 4 fillets at a time in which I put ~1 cm of oil. Heat the oil to 180C, and keep the heat on high (+/-) because the fish will cool the oil and it must be kept at ~180C. To prepare the batter, sprinkle a little flour over a base of beer, mix well (with a whisk) adding a little more beer until you get the desired consistency. This method ensures that there are no lumps in the batter. If too liquid, add a little flour and continue to beat. Use of baking powder is optionnal.

Serves 2


4 fish fillets (cod ~500 g)
50+ g flour for the batter
flour (to flour the fish)
100+ ml beer (see text)
1/2 flush teaspoon baking powder (opt)
S + P


Heat oil to 180C.

Prepare a dish with flour to flour the fillets.
Prepare another one with the batter:
- Put a beer base in a bowl (~1 dl). Add the baking powder and sprinkle flour then mix to obtain a paste, add beer, while whisking to obtain the desired consistency. Do not whisk more than necessary.

Lightly! salt and pepper the fillets on both sides, toss them in the flour. Shake off excess flour, then pass the fillets into the batter.
Let them drain for 1 to 2 seconds, then carefully place them in the oil for ~1+ minute on each side, a little more if they are thick.

Place on paper towels while other fillets are cooking.

Serve immediately with fries, vinegar or tartar sauce.