Schnitzel Holstein
================== 2020-05-26

Inspired by: Holsteiner Schnitzel

Comment: A different and somewhat special recipe. Due to Baron Holstein: Schnitzel Holstein was so named by the chef at the Borchardt restaurant (Berlin) who prepared it according to very precise instructions from Holstein - source wikipedia.
The Holstein schnitzel begins like a standard veal schnitzel (we can of course substitute chicken or turkey, the Baron being no longer here to contradict us). Original dish therefore, above the schnitzel, a small lemon/caper sauce, then a fried egg and finally 2 anchovy fillets. The result is interesting and changes from the traditional Wiener schnitzel.

Make the recipe for Wiener schnitzel on this site, then finish as below.

4 people.


4 eggs
8 anchovy fillets in oil (or more)
1 large tablespoon of capers
1 lemon juice
chopped parsley (opt)
S + P


With the schnitzels in the oven, heat in a small pan a few knobs of butter, the lemon juice, the capers and a little chopped parsley.

Cook the eggs in the pan, keeping the yolks running.

Place the schnitzels on a plate, pour a little caper sauce on top, then the egg and finally place 2 anchovy fillets on the egg yolk before serving.