Wiener schnitzel
================ 2024-01-25

Comment: Normally done with veal, pork chicken or turkey slices can be used too. Typically the slice of veal is very thin and quite large, and one slice is sufficient per serving. However using commercially available slices means that a couple of smaller slices per person will have to be used, which is also more convenient for standard sized frying pans. For the breading, 2 solutions, panko works well, but homemade breadcrumbs work even better. What does not work (unless there is no choice) is commercial breadcrumbs and worse of all seasonned commercial breadcrumbs. Another idea is to use cornflakes (either crumbled by hand or available commercially as crumnbs). This keeps the breading crispier.
I tried to salt the meat directly, it is difficult to properly adjust the amount of salt this way. Then I tried to add salt to the flour, this was better, but still not great. Finally, I found that adding salt to the egg mixture works well.

4 persons


4 large thin slices veal (or 8 smaller) or pork, or chicken or turkey.
1 to 2 eggs
breadcrumbs or panko
2 lemons
EVOO or milk


Dry the slices, and pound them to <1/4" thick

Prepare 3 dishes:
1 with flour
1 with eggs, beaten with a little EVOO or a little milk, and some salt
1 with breadcrumbs

Dip the slices in all 3 in the order above:
First flour mix, then the egg mixture, make sure to drain excess egg mixture, finally breadcrumbs.
Press lightly the breadcrumbs and let rest for 10 to 30 minutes.

Warm up the oven to 180F (80C) and prepare a dish lined with kitchen paper in the oven.

Cook in frying oil ~3 mm high at at ~320F (160C), until golden on both sides (~2 mn).
Reserve in the heated oven, until all slices are cooked, adding kitchen paper for each batch to absorb excess oil.
If black bits accumulate in the pan, replace the oil and make sure the pan is not too hot.

Serve with at least 1/2 lemon each.

A nice accompagnement is Spaetzlis elsewhere on this website, which can be cooked while the schnitzels are being fried.

It is also nice to prepare a Mushroom sauce to go along.