======= 2021-07-11

Comment: This is for a quiche dish of 28 to 30 cm in diameter and at least 3 cm high. It is also possible to use two frozen 9" deep pie crust that come in their own disposable molds. Note that pie dish diameters are measured at the top lip.
You can put a lot of different things in a quiche for instance broccoli/salmon or leeks, see Quiche with leeks and bacon for preparation, or swiss chards, see Swiss chards gratin for preparation, or just lardons (quiche Lorraine). Here, I use onion and broccoli. In most quiches, lardons are not optional.
Egg dishes should not be cooked at temperatures above 185C or the eggs becomes rubbery. So I use 180C and a fan oven. Cooking time is 35 to 40 mn, this can be checked with a toothpick or a sharp knife.
It is also possible to omit the crust: Crustless broccoli quiche especially for a shallow dish.

4 to 5 portions


1 pie dough
2 oignons (large)
3 large eggs or 4 smaller
4 dl cream (35% MF)
200 g lardons or pancetta cut in lardons
florets of 2 heads of broccoli (~200+ g)
1 branch or pinch of thyme
~150 g Parmegiano Reggiano grated
S + P


chop the oignons in slivers
chop the lardons (pancetta) if needed
grate the cheese if needed
prepare the broccoli florets


Blind bake the crust for 20 to 25 mn @ 180C, convection heat, or according to the pie crust instructions.

Meanwhile fry the lardons, reserve, pouring out the excess fat (use a paper towel).
Using a little butter and a pinch of salt, sweat the onion, with a branch or pinch of thyme (opt) until very soft (15 to 20 mn).

Blanch the broccoli in a little salt water for ~3 mn and cool them immediately in ice (or at least cold) water and drain them after ~1 mn.

Prepare the filling by beating the eggs, the cream, enough salt (eggs and cream are not salty), pepper and nutmeg, stir in the cooked onion.

Dispose the broccoli and the lardons in the dish. Pour the filling on top, leaving about 6 mm (1/4") of space to the top of the crust, sprinkle with the cheese and place in the oven at 180C convection heat for 35 to 40 mn until golden on top. Make sure the quiche is cooked throughout (using a toothpick or sharp knife).