Slow cooking roast
================== 2017-06-01

Based on: Les recettes de Virginie

Comment: Remove the roast from the fridge at least 1 hour in advance so that it will be at room temperature. In theory, it is necessary to stop cooking when the meat has reached the temperature of 50C to 52C (133F to 125F) for blue, 55C to 57C (132F to 135F) for rare and 60C to 62C (140F to 144F) for medium. Make sure that when you place the temperature probe into the meat to be able to see it through the oven window. Cooking time can not therefore be predicted exactly, but once the meat has cooked to the desired internal temperature, one can lower the temperature of the oven to 60C (140F), and leave the meat for up to 1 hour without problem.
Set the oven in floor-vault mode (heating element at the top and bottom). For a roast of 1 kg, it will require 2 to 3 hours.
It is a good idea to preheat the plates if possible. You can accompany the roast with a small mushroom sauce for example (see elsewhere on this site).

4 people


1 roast beef from 800 g to 1 kg (2 lb)

Mustard (opt)


Preheat the oven to 80C. Salt the meat generously on all sides and sear it on all its faces in a little oil.

Coat the roast with mustard on all sides (opt).

Put in the oven on a rack (over a dish to collect the juices) and cook until.
The probe indicates the desired temperature, in my case after experience, it would be 57C (135F).