Grilled onions for steak on BBQ
=============================== 2015-xx-xx

Ingredients (4p):

2 medium onions
Salt, pepper, EVOO


Cut onions into slices of ~ 6 mm (1/4 ")

Prepare an aluminum foil (non-stick if available) 2 times longer than wide.
On one half, arrange the sliced onions (mat side of the aluminum), in a single layer.
Pepper, a little salt, a little drizzle of olive oil on each slice and fold the paper in half.

(for 2 onions you may need 2 packages)

Close the three open sides hermetically.

Grilling at the BBQ (average) for 10 minutes then turn and another 5 minutes on the other side.

After turning it off, it is possible to partially open the package to monitor doneness.