Vaud cream pie
============== 2023-05-06

Directly inspired from the book by Fredy Girardet: La cuisine spontanée, P304.

Comment: In his book, Fredy Girardet says not to let the dough rest for it will rise during cooking. I have not seen this. My dough remains flat and slightly sanded. It is good, of course, but does not rise.
He also suggests a rather complex method for a hem at the edge of the dough, I do not do this because I'm not sure I understand his explanation. Anyway, this should not change the resulting taste.
Finally, he suggests an oven at 250C for half an hour, and according to my first experience, this is the best way to get a charred pie.
This being said, this recipe is fantastic, and I'm asked all the time to make more ...


Dough :
140 g flour
5 g baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1 cc of sugar
60 g butter at room temperature
0.5 dl milk.

Sugar 100 g
1 teaspoon flour
2.5+ dl double cream
cinnamon powder


In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder, butter (softened), a pinch of salt, and the sugar.
Work with your fingertips until the mixture has the consistency of coarse cornmeal.

Add the milk and slightly and work it in, quickly to get a ball of dough.

Without letting it rest, roll out the dough, thin enough as it will rise while cooking.

Butter and flour a shallow pie plate of 25 cm in diameter (10"), spread the dough on the plate and prick it with a fork.

Mix the sugar for the filling with the flour evenly on the bottom of the dough, and even it by shaking the pan.

Pour the cream (or if it is thick, place regular spoonfuls over the sugar).
If the cream is thick, sprinkle the cinamon only when the cream has spread, after a few minutes of baking.

Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon, add a few flakes of butter and bake for half an hour in the preheated oven to 200C (400F).

Remove from pan and let cool on a rack and serve cold.