========== 2018-05-31

Comment: An ideal accompaniment for a day of diet or otherwise with a polenta.
If you have time, grill the peppers on the BBQ to peel and give them even more taste. You can also peel the tomatoes (incise a cross at the top of the tomato, place it in boiling water for a few seconds, then in cold water).

4 people (main course)


6 red, green, yellow peppers
500 g tomatoes
250 g onions
4 cloves of garlic
4 bay leaves
1 chopped hot red pepper (opt)
100 g pitted olives (opt)
some basil leaves (opt)
S + P


cut the peppers into strips
cut the onions into strips
cut the tomatoes (peeled and seeded) into quarters
cut the garlic into thin slices

In a hot skillet with EVOO, sauté the onions with a little salt (no coloring).
After just a few minutes, add the garlic, bay leaf, hot pepper and peppers.
Cook covered for ~10 mn.
Add tomatoes, olives and basil, salt, pepper, stir and let cook over low heat without covering until not too much liquid is left (tomatoes) but the vegetables are still a little firm (~10 minutes).