Fried potatoes
============== 2023-08-06

Comment: Use firm flesh potatoes. These potatoes have a thin skin and do not need to be peeled usually. Just wash them thoroughly. Cut into cubes of 15 mm (1/2") and put them in water so they do not darken. Then rinse well to remove starch. Finally dry them in a cloth before putting them in the pan.
An interresting option is to add just before serving a little finely chopped shallot. See : pommes de terre sautées de maman Blanc


200 g of potatoes per person
peanut or rapeseed oil
1 shallot for 4 servings (opt)


Use a skillet large enough so that the potatoes do not ride too much on each other and with a lid.
Heat a little frying oil in a pan, then add the potatoes.
Cover and sauté / stir frequently while modulating the heat so the potatoes do not burn.
Once the potatoes are golden brown, remove from heat, add one or 2 small knobs of butter (opt).
Place the roasted potatoes in a serving dish, drizzle with the shallot if using, salt, mix and serve.