Basque style chicken
==================== 2019-09-12

Comment: The Basque country is a region of France near spain.
Normally Bayonne ham and sweet peppers are used for this recipe.
Outside the Basque Country, you can be use bacon (cut in lardons) and bell peppers. Note that bacon (or Bayonne ham) is optional. One should also use a whole chicken, cut into 6 pieces, but I prefer to use legs or thighs, possibly boneless. For paprika, use enough if it is sweet, but be careful if is hot. Espelette pepper is a mildly hot pepper from the basque region.
It can be replaced by (ground) ancho pepper or simply black pepper.
This type of dish is even better reheated, so it can be cooked one day early and finished when serving. To be served with rice.

6 persons


1.2 to 1.5 kg chicken (legs, thighs)
4 cloves of garlic crushed
3 or 4 bell peppers or 6 to 8 sweet peppers
2 or 3 onions
A few branches of thyme
2 or 3 bay leaves
2 dl dry white wine
200 g of bacon (or better bayonne ham - a good slice of ~ 5 mm diced)
800 g tomatoes cut into quarters (either in can, peeled without juice, or fresh, peeled and seeded)
Espelette pepper (enough)
Paprika (if possible hot)
1 pinch of sugar
S + P


Cut the onions in half-moon (half-slices).
Cut the tomatoes in quarters.
Cut the peppers into strips.

In a casserole, brown the chicken pieces in a little EVOO (~10 min), starting with the skin side.
Reserve the chicken.
In the same pot, brown the bacon, then sweat the onions and peppers, add the crushed garlic cloves.
Lower the heat, then deglaze with the white wine.
Add tomatoes, thyme, bay leaf, enough paprika, a pinch of sugar.
Place the chicken pieces on the vegetables, salt, a little espelette pepper on the chicken and cook slowly, covered for 60 mn.