Tuna salad with mayonnaise
=========================== 2024-04-11 *

Comment: you can either eat this salad as is, with bread or bagels or in a sandwich, or make it into aperitif tomatoes, or even wraps.
For small stuffed tomatoes as an aperitif, allow ~90 g of tuna per person. For other uses, see below.
Use small tomatoes 3 to 4 cm in diameter. Cut off the top (~1cm), scoop out the tomato with a teaspoon and fill it with the tuna mixture.
Quantities [in square brackets] are suitable for ~30 small tomatoes or ~8 people.
If we only make a tuna salad, the quantities [in brackets] are for ~3 people (~100 g of tuna per person).
If it is for wraps, allow ~120 g per person (2 wraps). For the wraps, use medium-sized tortillas (~18 cm - 7"), cover with one or 2 salad leaves, and add the tuna salad before closing.
Normally there is no need to add salt, the mayonnaise being quite seasoned.


[300 g]    1100 g tuna, well drained and crumbled
[160 g]    600 g (before cleaning) finely chopped celery stalks (6 to 10 [2 or 3] stalks depending on size)
[35 g]     130 g green onions, chopped (5 to 7 [3 to 4] pieces depending on size)
[150 g]    550 g mayonnaise
[1 teaspoon] 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
[1/2]      1.5 lemon juice
[1 pinch]  1 teaspoon cayenne pepper


Mix well.
Serve chilled.