Risotto with Vacherin Mont-d'Or
=============================== 2020-11-17

Inspired from Cooperation Magazine

6 persons

Comment: Use a good vegetable broth for the risotto or make it by boiling for 30 to 60 minutes the water and a bouquet garni:
thyme, rosemary, oregano, bay leaf, leek, carrot and S + P.
The Vacherin Mont-d'Or is a soft cheese, produced in autumn, in the Jura of the Swiss and French sides. The French version with raw milk is
better than the Swiss one with thermised milk. It is available in season in the USA, and Canada, but likely very difficult to find. Fortunately Wisconsin cheese makers produce similar cheeses (although they are expensive), such as Jasper Hill Creamery, Winnimere and Harbison or Uplands Cheese, Rush Creek Reserve.


~1.4+ l vegetable or chicken broth
1+ finely chopped shallot
400 g risotto rice (Arborio)
2 dl white wine
S + P
1 vacherin Mont-d'Or 400 to 500 g
150 g chorizo peeled, diced
1 branch of rosemary
1 bay leaf


Prepare or re-heat the broth.
Sauté the chorizo briefly in a pan and reserve on absorant paper.
Sweat the shallot in a casserole with enough EVOO.
Add the rice and stir until well coated.
Add the wine, the rosemary branch and the bay leaf.
When the wine is absorbed, add the broth little by little, stirring constantly for ~25 mn or the time indicated for your rice. Salt if the broth is not already (careful, the cheese is). Remove the herbs.
Add the chorizo to the rice.
Add the vacherin, with a spoon, with its crust (which will melt anyway). Stir well to melt the cheese.
If necessary, add more broth so that the rice is creamy and not too compact.