Bread soup
========== 2019-12-08

Comment: A recipe from my childhood, and of course no note from my mom, but here it's easy enough. Use a good chicken broth, but for lack of a real broth, we can always use a cube. Much of the taste of the soup comes from the broth so do not skimp on this point. For bread, it does not matter what kind and color, normally it will be stale, but it is not essential. If you do not use not a real broth, add a bay leaf to your cube broth. If we use
milk, instead of cream, use only 9 dl of broth (or add a little more of bread). Toast (but not burn) some slices of bread brings a small plus.
To serve, we can grate a little cheese on the bowl of soup.

for~ 1 l of soup (4 servings)


1 liter of good chicken stock
100 g of dry bread
S + P
1/2 grated nutmeg
1 dl cream (or 2 dl milk)
1 bay leaf (opt)
1 branch of thyme


Toast half of the bread.

Put broth and bread and herbs in a saucepan.
Grate 1/2 nutmeg. Pepper.

Bring to a boil to 'melt' the bread. Simmer a few minutes.
Remove the herbs.

Use a plunger mixer to make a cream, without exaggerating.
Salt if necessary, add the cream, stir, simmer 5 mn, serve.