Mashed cauliflower or parsnip
============================= 2020-11-08

Comment: Use just enough liquid to almost cover the vegetables. Be careful, if the milk-cream mixture boils, it will come out of the saucepan and spill out on the hob...

Totally inspired by: purée de chou fleur

3 or 4 people as a side dish


1 nice cauliflower or 1 kg of parsnip
1 spice (saffron, nutmeg, espelette pepper, ...)
1/2 l milk
1/2 l cream
butter or EVOO
S + P


Cauliflower: Cut and remove the green part of the cauliflower, then cut it into small tops.
Parsnips: Peel and cut into ~2 cm slices.

sweat in a casserole dish over low heat with a little butter for 5 to 7 minutes.

A good pinch of salt, one or two spices of your choice, half milk, half cream to cover 3/4.

Cook covered for ~20 minutes. Check the doneness with the tip of a knife.

With a spider, take out the pieces of vegetables and place them in the blender (without taking too much liquid), or in a container for the plunger mixer.

If necessary, add a little cooking liquid for a good consistency.