Eggs in white wine sauce
======================== 2022-02-13

Comment: no reference for this excellent recipe on the web and other cookbooks. Yet a different and excellent recipe. My mom used to make it and I think I have found the same taste as that of my youth (of course I have no notes from my mom for this recipe like for all the others!). These eggs must be served with rice (pilaf for example). It is important to simmer the wine / broth mixture so that all the alcohol in the wine evaporates, you can also prepare the chicken broth very hot in advance and pour the wine in to allow the alcohol time to evaporate. Season the sauce sufficiently because the eggs are not salted. Finally, bay leaves are not optional, preferably use fresh bay leaves, otherwise, double the quantity.
Eggs: Shelling soft-boiled eggs is difficult and not always successful. One idea (which I have tried) is to use poached eggs. In this case, you can poach them 1 by 1, which is ideal, and keep them warm in the sauce; but since they will stay in the sauce for a few minutes, cook them only 2 minutes 30 seconds instead of the traditional 3 minutes and do not keep the sauce too warm.

4 people


8 eggs
30 g butter
30 g flour
4.0 dl chicken broth
2.5 dl very dry white wine
2+ tablespoon of well-wrung capers (not too much acidity)
2 bay leaves (see text)
S + P


Take the eggs out of the fridge at least 1 hour before cooking them.

Cook the eggs to obtain soft-boiled eggs: gently immerse the eggs in just boiling water, let boil at low broths for 6 minutes (half-soft eggs or 5 minutes soft-boiled eggs). Then cool them immediately in cold water before peeling them.

Sauce: Melt the butter in a saucepan, then add the flour (stir with a whisk) and cook for ~1 min to obtain a blond roux.

Off the heat, add the white wine and the broth, mix well, add the bay leaf, put back on the heat, then bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Simmer for a while (5 - 10 min) to evaporate all the alcohol. Lower the heat and add the capers, then salt (!) and pepper. Let the sauce cool, but keep it at temperature so that it warms the eggs without cooking them.

Meanwhile, peel the eggs under a stream of water and place them in the sauce to keep them at temperature.
Serve the eggs coated with the sauce with the rice.