Pizza dough
=========== 2021-05-21

Inspired by: Pâte à pizza italienne

Comment: I use special pizza flour (if possible).
I suspect that the amount of water depends on the type of flour. I start with 440 ml of water, then depending on the flour, I add up to 40 ml to obtain a nice smooth and flexible dough, and not sticky.

For 2 large pizzas


800 g of pizza flour
20- g fresh baker's yeast
sugar 2 pinches
salt 2 teaspoons (15 g)
EVOO 1 dl (6 tablespoons)
tempered water 440 ml [including leavened water!]

Prepare the yeast:

Put in a bowl the yeast, the sugar and a part of the water (heated ~30C).
let stand 10 to 15 minutes.

Dough :

Put the flour in the mixer bowl.
Then the rest of water, oil, salt and leaven

Knead at low speed for at least 10 minutes or more.
Flour a bowl and let the covered dough rest under a damp cloth in a warm place, without drafts for 1 to 1h30.

Cut the dough into 2 and freeze the second part in a film.
Let rest the dough ~30 minutes under a cloth.

PREHEAT THE OVEN 30+ minutes in advance with the pizza stone at maximum temperature (260C = 500F).

On a floured plan (or on the pizza peel, without folding it, tap and shape the dough by making a small edge with the fingers. Then spread without a rolling pin, stretching.
Wait 10 to 15 minutes so that it has time to rise a little.

Make sure the dough does not stick to the shovel. Garnish the pizza.

Bake preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

To use the frozen dough, let it rest covered, after thawing, for 1 to 2 hours.