Chicken stock
============== 2022-06-23

Comment: Not all the elements in the recipe below are necessary. Use what you have. You can also add some turnips and cabbage leaves. To remove the fat from the chicken, one can let the bouillon cool, and remove it then, before using it or storing it in mason jars and possibly frozen for later use.
If this stock will be used for cooking, better not add salt at this time.


4 lb chicken wings or chicken carcass + bones and bits
1 medium onion cut in quarters
1 large carrot washed and sliced
1 celery stalks cut into pieces
1 green part of a leek
5 sprigs flat parsley (opt)
1- tea spoon  whole black pepper corns
2 garlic cloves smashed
1 small sprig rosemary
1 sprig thyme
1 bay leaf
2+ cloves
2 dl dry white wine

4 l water


In a pot with the cold water, place the chicken carcass or the wings, the wine and all the ingredients except the salt.

Heat briefly to boiling point and lower the heat to a small simmer.

Possibly remove the foam if there is a lot forming.

Simmer for 3 to 4 h, half covered. Some water will evaporate, this is OK. After a couple of hours, stir, and make sure the meat bits come off the bones.

Add the salt to taste and let simmer for 10 to 15 more mn.

Discard all the solid (sieve).