Chili con carne
=============== 2021-01-05

4 people

Comment: Chilli in England, but chili in the USA. Chili not being an English dish, let's use the chili spelling. With or without beans? In Texas the question does not arise, but we are not in Texas, so beans, same reasoning for tomatoes. The peppers: Mexico is the chili country, some not easy to find outside Mexico. The choice I have here is ok for me, but of course use the ones you have. Adjust the amounts to suit your taste, especially if you want a milder chili.
For meat, use stew meat in pieces not too large (~1 cm on the side - 1/2").
For the liquid, beef stock or bier. In this case use a Mexican beer or in any case a non-bitter beer.
Option: one can add along with the onion a carrot cut in dice.


3 chopped onions rather large
2+ garlic cloves chopped (not too finely)
600 g cut stew (or possibly ground beef)
2 small (or 1 large) red peppers in slices
400+ g canned diced tomatoes or more
Red beans (see below)
~3 dl of beef stock or beer
sour cream and grated cheddar to serve

Peppers and other tastes:

2 to 3 jalapeños or 1+ serano chile finely chopped (deseeded)
1 heap teaspoon of chili powder (hot)
1 heap teaspoon of chipotle or smoked paprika or simply hot paprika or a combination of these.
1 level teaspoon of cumin powder
2+ bay leaves
1 teaspoon marjoram (opt - or better, if possible mexican oregano)
a good pinch of sugar
S + P

200 g of dry red beans. Soak for 12 to 18 hours in water, then put the beans in a large pot with enough unsalted water and slowly bring to a boil. Add aromatic herbs (thyme, bay leaf, rosemary) at this time. Continue cooking slowly and covered 60 to 90 mn to soften them to the maximum, stirring occasionally (start to taste after 60 mn). When they are tender, add them to the tomato sauce and keep cooking for the last ~20 minutes in the chili.


400 g of red beans cooked in a can (without water and without sauce).


Cut the pieces of stew into smaller dice.
Brown them in a dutch oven with a little oil, possibly in 2 batches. Reserve.
Deglaze with a shlook of white (or red) wine and add to the meat.
In the same pot, sweat the onions in a little EVOO and a little salt.
Add peppers and garlic, then after 2 to 3 minutes, add tomatoes, and all remaining spices with the liquid (~3 + dl of beef broth or beer).
Return the meat to the pot and simmer half covered for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, until it thickens and it is well cooked.

Check the seasoning and peppers.

Serve with a little grated cheese (cheddar or gruyere cheese) and sour cream.