Leg of lamb
=========== 2016-06-16

Comment: I used here a piece of lamb of 900 g boneless. Prepare the meat by removing pieces of fat and other membranes and keep them for the sauce. It is probably helpful to tie the lamb so it holds up, especially if it is deboned. For the cooking time, the best is to use a temperature probe, otherwise count from 12 to 15 minutes per pound.
The meat should been served pink so it does not become hard when cooked. For this, cook till the probe indicates 55C (131F) at the center of the piece of lamb. Best accompaniments are either white beans or fried potatoes.

4 people


1 leg of lamb 900 g to 1 kg
1 onion
2 or 3 cloves of garlic unpeeled
2 or 3 sprigs of thyme
1 teaspoon cornflour (cornstarch)
2 dl dry white wine
2 dl veal stock
peanut or rapeseed oil
S + P


Heat oven to 180C.
Carefully salt the meat on all sides by massaging the salt in the meat.
In a Dutch oven or skillet, brown the meat on all sides in a little oil.

In the Dutch oven or a baking pan with a little oil, place the piece of meat,
then around the coarsely chopped onion, garlic, thyme and the reserved bits removed from the meat.
Add 1 dl white wine and place a few knobs of butter on top of the meat.
Place the temperature probe to the middle of the piece and adjust (or wait for) 55C (131F).
Warm the plates up.
When cooking is finished, remove the lamb from the dish and let it rest on covered by an aluminum foil on a grid, for ~20 minutes - the roast will continue to cook slowly.
Pour all the trimmings in a pan with the rest of the white wine. Cook a few minutes.
Add ~2 dl veal stock in which you have stirred a teaspoon of cornstarch.
Simmer while the leg rests.
Re-heat the oven to 180C.
Return the leg 5 minutes to warm up in the oven dish,
pepper before serving

Sieve the sauce and serve separately in a sauceboat.