French Garlic Soup
================== 2019-02-24

These are my notes. The original recipe is on the excellent site:

FXcuisine - French Garlic Soup

Comment: with the EVOO and the flour, we are making a roux. A roux should have equal quantity (weightwise) of flour and butter (here EVOO). Then the thickness of the soup will depend on the ratio roux / liquid; so be prepared to possibly add a little more liquid for a proper consistency.

All quantites per person


1 large garlic head pp (not too dry)
1 heap spoon flour pp
1/2- dl EVOO pp (more if the dish is big, you want 2 to 3 mm EVOO at bottom of dish)
300 ml chicken or veggy stock pp
1 branch thyme pp
1/2 bay leaf pp
25 cl cream


Preheat oven to 350F (180C).
Pour EVOO in a small oven safe dish.
Cut garlic in 2 sidewise and place both halves face down in the EVOO.
Cook for 45 mn (garlic should be brown on the bottom, but not burned, nor hard and dry).
Let cool, remove garlic from shells and place garlic in a soup pan.
Sprinkle the flour in oven dish and scoop all the remaining EVOO. Transfer the mix to the soup pan.
Mash thoroughly, all the flour must be fully mixed with the mashed garlic.
Turn heat on and cook for 1 mn, then turn heat down and add stock, thyme, bay leaf, pepper, salt,
and disolve the mash carefully into the liquid before it boils.
Simmer for 20 mn, stirring occasionally.
Add a splash of cream per person.
Rectify seasoning if needed, add freshly cut parsley for decoration, serve with toasts (garlic bread).