Pumpkin pie
=========== 2015-xx-xx

- 1 sheet of pie dough.
- Cook at least 1 kg of pumpkin then let the water run out.
- Mash it either by stirring or with a food processor if
 you do not want any lumps.

- In a bowl put at least 2 cups of the pumpkin,
 2/3 cup of sugar (white or preferably brown),
 1 pinch of salt,
 1 or 2 coffee spoon of cinnamon (depending on taste),
 2 eggs (beaten),
 1 cup cream (or 1/2 cream),
 1 soup spoon of flour slightly heaping.
 Optionnal 1 pinch of nutmeg and
 1 pinch of powedered ginger (I never tried it).

- Cook 30 to 40 mn in the oven at 200/220 degC depending on the oven.

Bon appetit.