Pasta with Alfredo sauce
======================== 2020-09-28

Inspired from: How to Make Alfredo Sauce

Comment: This recipe in its "original" version only exists in America. Typically in North America, this recipe is made of fetuccini, cream, butter (yes yes), parmesan and accompanied by grilled chicken. The recipe proposed here is thus not the "real recipe of fetuccini Alfredo" and it is a good thing, for our arteries. It is probably closer to a typical Italian recipe.
The proper cooking of the pasta (noodles, fetuccini) is important. Use preferably the 100: 10: 1 method, ie: for 100 g of pasta (a good portion for one person), use 1 l of cooking water and 10 g of salt (here a quite less because the Pecorino Romano is rather salty already, say ~6 g, possibly even less.
Cook the pasta al-dente, that is to say the time indicated on the package (maybe increased by 1 or 2 mn according to your taste). Of course, we put the pasta in the water when it boils, not before, we count the time as soon as the water boils again and you do not need to put oil in the cooking water, simply stir the pasta occasionally. DRAIN WELL the pasta once cooked to avoid adding too much liquid in the sauce.
For the cheese, think that Parmesan comes from Parma, while the Pecorino Romano comes from Rome, and according to the legend or not, the Alfredo sauce comes from the Rome region, that's why I'm using Pecorino Romano. Finally a touch of color would be indicated, why not use a few basil leaves.

2 persons


200- g pasta
1 nice garlic clove
1 shallot
1 dl dry white wine
2- dl thick cream (at least 35% fat content or more)
1/4 of a nutmeg
80 g Pecorino Romano (or possibly Parmigiano Reggiano)
a couple of branches of basil
S + P


Roughly chop the shallot
Roughly chop the garlic
Grate the cheese
Prepare the basil leaves that will be chopped a the last minute.


Cook the pasta al-dente according to the package's indication.

For the sauce, in a skillet, heat a little EVOO, add the chopped shallot with a little salt, then the garlic chopped.
Sweat on low heat, without browning. Add the white wine, boil and reduce to 2/3. Add the cream, some grated nutmeg, S + P.
Leave to thicken on low boiling (ie: reduce by ~half). Strain to remove garlic and shallot.
Return to the heat and add slowly the grated cheese and the basil roughly chopped, stir briefly, add the pasta and mix well.

Do not salt (too much) since the Pecorino Romano is already quite salty.

Sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese.

May be accompanied by grilled chicken or garlic shrimps.