Chicken in mustard sauce
======================== 2022-04-14

Comment: same recipe as the well known rabbit in mustard sauce, but everyone does not eat rabbit, otherwise use of course a rabbit cut in 8 or use prepared saddle of rabbit and do not cook it as much. Seize and brown the chicken initially, because later, it will only be braised.
One can also use filets of chicken or turkey cut in thin strips, and proceed with the same recipe, except at the end do not cook it for 60 mn, but just warm in up in the sauce for a few minutes.
A crazy trick, use 1/4 of a confit lemon cut in small dice (reminder, in confit lemon we don't use the pulp).
It is also possible to sear the chicken, then make the sauce and place everything in an oven dish (covered) for 60 minutes at 180C. This way, one can prepare everything in advance, but it is absolutely necessary to use heavy cream (min 35%) otherwise it will separate during cooking.

4 people


800 g chicken thighs
2 bay leaves
2+ sprigs of thyme
2 crushed garlic cloves
2+ tablespoons grain mustard or dijon (sharp) or a mix of both
1 dl cream (35% MF)
1 onion or shallot chopped
2- dl dry white wine
3 chicken stock
~1 tablespoon of flour slightly heap


Make a bouquet garnished with the thyme and bay leaves.

Salt the chicken and brown on both sides in a little EVOO, in a rather hot dutch oven, starting by the skin side. We want a nice color on both sides. Then lower the heat and sprinkle the chicken with the flower, cook for another minute and reserve. If using chicken strips, proceed the same way, but only golden the meat for 1 to 2 minutes.

Sweat the onion in the pot. Deglaze with the wine, boil briefly, add the stock, garlic and the bouquet garni.

Reduce the heat, add the mustard, add the cream, mix well and return the floured chicken to the casserole. Flip the chicken over several times to coat with the sauce.

Cover and simmer for ~60 minutes, turn the chicken over at half-time.