Pink berry sauce
================ 2021-10-19

Comment: Pink peppercorns, are not part of the pepper family, but taste like it and are very suitable for preparing sauces, in particular for white meats (chicken, pork, veal).
A coating sauce is a creamy sauce that covers the back of a spoon, and that does not instantly cover a mark made with your finger on the back of this spoon.

4 servings


2+ coarsely chopped shallots
1.5 dl dry white wine
2.5 dl veal stock
1+ tbsp pink berries
1+ sprig of thyme
1+ bay leaf
1- dl cream (35% MF)s
beurre manié (15 g, 15 g)


Sweat the shallots in a little EVOO or butter (~5 min).
Add the wine and reduce to 1/43 (~10 min).
Add the stock, bay leaf, thyme and simmer for another 15 minutes (to let the herbs infuse).
Strain to remove solids and retain liquid.
Add the pink berries and the cream and half the beurre manié.
Bring to a boil, check consistency, and stir in the beurre manié little by little, bringing the sauce to just above the boil until it is just coating. Allow to cool slightly for each addition of beurre manié, which should preferably not be added to the boiling sauce.