Vol-au-vent Olivier style
========================= 2018-05-18

Comment: One can start the sauce with a béchamelle, or as here cook the flour on the mushrooms.
It seems that the main thing is to cook the flour a few minutes. The vol-au-vent does not need to contain all these elements, the 2 important elements of the sauce are mushrooms and chicken, however the olives and the peas come immediately after. Ham and egg whites come last in order of importance, but I never do without.
If your chicken is uncooked, roast it first to a slight golden in a fry pan, not forgetting the salt.
Do not forget to stir very often lest it start burning.

2 persons


1 small onion, chopped (~40 g)
200 g+ mushrooms, diced 1 cm
1+ heap soop spoon flour (20g)
1- dl dry white wine
2+ dl chicken stock
1 dl milk or half cream half milk
150 g chicken breast cooked, diced less than 1/2"
70 g green olives, pitted, sliced
100 g diced ham (~8 mm)
60 g frozen peas
2 hard boiled eggs, keep only the whites, diced to ~8 mm
1 bay leaf
A few nutmeg gratings
Salt + Pepper
Butter, EVOO
1 filet of lemon juice
1 schlook of dry white Madeira (opt)


If your shells are not cooked, preheat the oven and cooks them according to instructions.
If not, heat them towards the end.

In a frying pan or casserole, sauté the onions in a little butter and EVOO.
Add the mushrooms, the filet of lemon juice, stir.
When they are half-cooked, sprinkle with flour and mix well (no lumps).

Add the wine, and 2/3 of the chicken stock, stirring.
Add the bay leaf, nutmeg, salt, pepper.
Add milk cream and peas.
Allow to thicken, stirring. If too dense or not enough sauce, add the rest of the stock (and wine if necessary).

Add chicken, ham, olives.
Simmer a little, check the seasoning (S + P), aAnd just 1 min before finishing, add the eggs and the madeira.

Remove bay leaf and serve in preheated shells.