Sauce charcutière for pork chops
================================ 2021-03-14

Inspired by: Recette de Sauce charcutière

Comment: Charcutiere sauce is a tasty, rather acidic sauce which is almost exclusively reserved for pork chops.
Attention to the choice of pickles, they should not be too acidic. They should be firm, tasty, without too much acidity (wipe them dry out of the jar).
If the fond is liquid, use the beurre manié at the end of cooking to bind the sauce.
Beurre manié: mixture with a fork of an equal amount of flour and butter (possibly a little more butter), used to bind the sauce. Use a small amount at a time until the required consistency is obtained.
Monter au beurre: add small pieces of butter to a sauce without a whisk, by a slow rotation of the pan. See for instance: Monter au beurre
Julienne: thin sticks.
Robert Sauce: Simply replace the pickles with a tablespoon of good vinegar (white wine).

4 people.


1 large onion (enough)
10 small pickles (or 4 larger) in thin julienne
50 g butter
20 cl dry white wine
40 cl veal or beef stock
1 large tablespoon mustard
a few sprigs of parsley or 2 to 3 twigs of tarragon (opt)
beurre manié (1 tablespoon butter, and as much flour)
S + P


In a saucepan, melt 20 g butter and sweat the chopped onion without coloring (5 to 10 min) with a little salt.

Deglaze with white wine, reduce by 3/4.

Add the stock, parsley stems or tarragon (opt), salt (not too much), simmer and reduce by half.
Strain (discard the solids).
Return to the heat, add the beurre manié (see text) and heat until thickened but without boiling.

Add the mustard off the heat, add the julienne of pickles, pepper, "monter au beurre" with the rest of the butter (see comment above), check the seasoning, keep warm (without boiling - low heat).

Use the chopped parsley for decoration.