Saltimbocca alla romana
======================== 2018-12-17

Comment: To be served with a risotto. Here, we make large saltimbocca with a large slice of veal each. You can also make them small, bite-sized, with just enough proscuitto to cover the piece of veal slice with just enough sage leaf not to overpower the taste of the proscuitto, all held in place by a toothpick. Since this is saltimbocca alla romana, let's use pecorino romano in the risotto rather than parmesan if possible. You can also use slices of chicken, turkey or even pork to make the saltimbocca.

2 persons

300 to 350 g thin slices of veal
proscuitto (enough to cover the veal slices)
Sage leaves
Butter, EVOO
dry white wine
S + P


There are two methods. Either small individual slices or large ones. Here we are going to make large ones.

4 flattened veal cutlets (cellophane sheet, rolling pin or kitchen hammer).
On each, put a slice (or several to cover well) of the same size of proscuitto.
2 to 3 sage leaves on one half, fold in half, close with a toothpick (or 2).
Salt only very little because the proscuitto is already salted, on the other hand add pepper during cooking.

In a large pan put a knob of butter and a little EVOO and cook the saltimbocca on both sides, keep warm or under aluminum foil.

In the same pan add 1+ dl of white, deglaze, bring to a boil.
Simmer until the liquid has reduced to 3/4.
Add a knob of butter per person over low heat. Mix well and evaporate to just enough sauce to pour over the saltimbocca.

Serve the saltimbocca on hot plates, coat them with the sauce and garnish a mushroom risotto.