Deer strips "minute" with boletus
================================= 2020-12-13

Inspired by: Stéphane Décotterd - L'émincé de chevreuil « minute » aux bolets

Comment: Prepare a juniper salt by crushing in a mortar a few grains of juniper and coarse salt.
Use this mixture to salt the meat. The day I prepared this recipe, boletus were no longer of season, so I used Paris mushrooms cut into 2 or 4 depending on their size. Of course it would be better with boletus, which I will try as soon as possible. Chef Décotterd mentions that one can also use beef, veal, chamois (mountain goat), which I will also try on occasion. The Chef suggests separating the cooking juice to add to the sauce, it is not very practical in a small kitchen (not enough pots, strainers, and space). Here I leave the juices at the bottom of the pan, and they mix with the sauce at the end of the preparation. Really sear the meat quickly and do not cook it in the sauce, otherwise it will become hard! Note that the meat juices contain the flour that will help thicken the sauce. So if as I suggest you add the sauce to the meat at the end, this is when the sauce will thicken.

4 people


500 g thinly sliced deer cut with a knife (preferably in the thigh, the saddle, the fillets, etc ...)
1 tablespoon flour
300 g fresh boletus cut in quarters
1 chopped shallot
20 g of butter
1 dl dry white wine
1+ dl game stock (failing that or depending on the meat, veal or beef stock
2 dl of cream (35% MF)
Salt or juniper salt


Heat a frying pan with a little roasting oil.
Lightly flour your meat.
Sear the meat very quickly (about 2 to 3 minutes) possibly in several batches.

When the meat is colored, salt and place in a saucepan.
In the same skillet, roast the quarters of boletus, and add to the meat.

Reduce the heat, fry the shallot in a little butter.
Deglaze with the white wine. Reduce to ~dry to remove acidity.
Wet with the game stock. Reduce by half and add the cream and juice that the meat rendered (as far as possible - see comment).

Cook until the sauce thickens. Pour it on the meat and the boletus in the saucepan, heat to warm up the meat and to thicken sauce from the meat juices, without boiling, and serve immediately.

Serve with spaetzlis or noodles.