Brussel sprouts
=============== 2021-11-10

Comment: 2 small tips: make a small cross notch at the base of the foot for easier cooking, and cut them in 2 before putting them in the pan.

4 people


400 g Brussels sprouts, preferably fresh
1 cube of vegetable broth
100 g of lardons
1 small onion (preferably red) finely chopped
butter or EVOO
S + P


This part can be done in advance.
Clean the sprouts by removing the soiled leaves, trim foot and make a cross notch in the foot to help it cook faster. Wash the brussels sprouts.
In a saucepan with ~1 liter of water, add 1 vegetable stock cube and a little salt.
Bring to a boil and plunge the sprouts. Lower the heat and simmer for ~10 minutes, a little more if they are large.
Rinse the sprouts with cold water. Discard the cooking broth.

This part should be done before serving.
Cut the sprouts in half.
In a frying pan or saucepan, put a little butter or EVOO, brown the lardons.
Add the sprouts. Cook covered for 5 to 10 minutes, turning a few times.
If you are not using lardons, add a small pinch of salt and lightly toast the sprouts to enhance their taste.
Check the salt and pepper.