======== 2018-12-24

Comment: Quickly done, it is ideal as a small apetizer by the diversity of taste that it can be given. I use commercial sheets of puff pastry of
rectangular shape. A small roll of the rolling pin lengthwise to lengthen the dough a little as the palmiers swell during cooking and you do not want
them too large. If grated cheese is used and it is rather mild, one can also add some cumin seeds to add taste.
Normally, the commercially available puff pastry is pre-packaged in parchment paper. This is ideal for the refrigeration phase.


Square puff pastry sheets
parchment paper
1 egg yolk mixed with a little milk (to golden)

And for stuffing one of the following

- grated cheese
- cumin (opt)
- anchovies paste
- tapenade
- Thinly sliced smoked salmon
- ?


Arrange the parchment paper on a rectangular oven sheet.
Using a rolling pin, roll a little bit the dough lengthwise (to make more smaller palmiers) and brush with one of the chosen tastes (or Sprinkle with
enough grated cheese).
Roll the dough from both sides to obtain rolls that meet in the middle.
Wrap the dough in its parchment paper, and put in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool.

Heat the oven to 220C (430F). Install a fairly high grill (near the grill).

Unroll the parchment paper and brush the roll with the egg / milk mixture.
Cut the dough into slices of ~1cm (small 1/2"), arrange the palmiers on the paper in the plate, with enough space as they will inflate.
Brush the rolls on the side with the yolk / milk mixture and put in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes (until golden).

Serve preferably still warm.