Celery Root Purée
================= 2020-04-27

Inspired by: Purée de céleri-rave

Comment: Use a large enough pot, since the milk will rise and it is better it does not overflow.


1 celery root
S + P
nutmeg (opt)


Peel and dice the celery.
In a saucepan, cover with milk. Salt the milk.
Cook over medium heat (beware milk rises quickly if too hot) for ~20 minutes
Check the doneness with a knife tip.
Drain the celery, keeping the milk in a container.
Crush the celery first with a mash press, add a little cooking milk and finish with the hand blender or use a blade mixer.
Add milk for the desired consistency.
Check the salt, pepper, grate a little nutmeg, 1 or 2 knobs of butter and mix.