Cervelas salad (Wurstsalat)
=========================== 2024-03-06 *

Comment: Cervelas is a name of various sausages in Western Europe, but they are all different. This recipe makes use of the Swiss version of the cervelas, which is almost the Swiss national sausage. It is a sausage with firm and finely ground flesh, usually served grilled on the BBQ. However, in Switzerland, there is another sausage called "Boule de Bâle" which is similar to cervelas, but has a finer texture and taste. This is the one I use as much as possible.
There is also a poultry version which is fine to use. This salad is similar to the German "Wurstsalat".

Ingredients (per person):

100 to 130 g cervelas (100g) chicken cervelas (100g) or boule de Bâle (130g)
75 g salted gruyere cheese, a little more if unsalted
1 small red onion (~40 g) 1 medium (~80 g) for 2 people, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic finely chopped

2 soup spoon EVOO
1- soup spoon vinegar

1 soup spoon grain mustard (dijon, but better dijon with mustard seeds)
1 T salt, 5 T pepper


Prepare the sauce by mixing all ingredients except the cheese and sausage.
Then cut the sausage and cheese into small cubes and mix well. Let rest 1 hour in the fridge before serving. Typically eaten with a crusty baguette.