Chicken quenelles (dumplings)
============================= 2019-02-10

Comment: The chicken breasts used here do not necessarily have much taste.
It may be appropriate to cook the quenelles in a chicken broth rather than simply salty water. When cooking, the quenelles rise to the surface
when they are almost cooked, turn them over and leave them for a few more minutes before taking them out.

4+ people


2 dl of milk
50 g of butter
120 g of flour
4 eggs
400g raw chicken meat
Salt, white pepper
10 cl of cream (35% MF)
1 good pinch of nutmeg, espelette pepper (opt)
S + P


Heat the milk with the butter and a pinch of salt and white pepper.
When the butter has melted and the milk begins to boil, remove from heat and pour in the flour all at once and beat to make homogeneous.
Then at a milder heat, dry the dough, stirring vigorously (~ 5 min).
Let cool and put in a bowl. Add 2 eggs, 1 by 1 while stirring well to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Keep cool for 2 to 12 hours.

In a blender, place the cooled panade, the raw meat in pieces and cold, 2 eggs and cream starting with liquids.
Add also salt and nutmeg and espelette pepper (opt), and beat together to obtain a homogeneous mixture. If it's too thick, add some cream, but the mixture should keep its shape (must not flow).

Put in the fridge overnight.

Make the quenelles the size of a small egg, using 1 or 2 tablespoons soaked in hot water, make them poach 20+ minutes with salted water just simmering and drain them. They are ready to be prepared.

They should double in size when cooking, and be elastic to the touch when cooked correctly.

Preheat the oven to 200C.

The quenelle deflates very quickly like a soufflé. It is therefore appropriate to cook them just before eating. For this, arrange them in a baking dish at 2 cm from each other (they will swell), and topped generously with the sauce. Depending on the type of sauce sprinkle with grated cheese. Put in the oven for ~20 mn.

Serve immediately and sauce generously.

Suggestions for sauces:

Madeira sauce:
See this site ham in Madeira

Béchamel sauce :
Use 0.6 l of good vegetable or chicken broth and milk (half milk, half broth) with 35 g butter and 35 g flour.

Make a white roux and cook for a few minutes. Add the cold liquid all at once and mix well to avoid lumps. Salt, add some nutmeg and pepper, heat until thickened.

Financière sauce:
see Sauce financière