Tournedos Rossini
================= 2022-05-10

Comment: In some countries it is impossible to get foie gras, but one can use foie gras paté instead. This also has the advantage to circumvent the problem of cooking foie gras which can be tricky.
Cognac flambé is optional but it is so much nicer. Normally a slice of truffle is placed to top the foie gras, but considering the price of truffles, this is not mandatory. Someone gave me the idea of serving the tournedos Rossini with some pan-fried chanterelles, I'll give it a try one of these days.
One can wrap the tournedos in a slice of smoked bacon to help it maintain its shape during cooking and for the taste. Do not forget to remove the string before serving.
It is an option to cook the tournedos on the BBQ instead of a fry pan. In this case put the cognac in the sauce, and salt the meat generously before cooking.

For 4 people.


4 tournedos 2.5 cm (1") thick (or more)
4 slices of foie gras (~1 cm)
4 thin slices of toast bread about the size of the steaks (without the crust).
S + P

Sauce :

10cl Madeira (or Port)
5 cl of cognac
10 cl veal fond
1 or 2 knobs of butter
S + P


Prepare 10 cl veal fond and 10 cl Madeira (or Port).

Place 4 plates in the oven to warm up (140F - 60C), plus another plate.

Melt 20 to 30 g of butter in a very hot pan, salt then sear the steaks on each side 2 minutes, cook on low for longer if desired. Halfway through cooking, flambé with cognac. Add some pepper anr keep warm in the additional plate (ideally on a rack so the meat drips) and let rest 5 to 10 mn.

Deglaze the pan with the veal fond, the Madeira, and reduce by 3/4 stirring. Turn off the heat and slowly melt 1 or 2 knobs of butter. Reserve warm and add the juices from the meat before serrving.

Melt 20 to 30 g of butter and when hot, toast 4 slices of bread.

Get the plates, arrange the toast and tournedos on top.

If using foie gras paté, serve at room temperature or cool in hot weather.
If using real foie gras, pan-fry quickly (10 to 15 s) on each sides.

Add the foie gras on top of the tournedos, some sea salt, a turn of pepper, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of sauce around the meat.

Do not forget the side dish.