Beef filet Voronoff
==================== 2021-04-03

Comment: Beef fillet with mustard cream sauce. You can lightly pass the fillets in the flour, on the one hand to thicken the sauce once the cooking is finished, and on the other hand to "cook" the flour to avoid the flour taste. Remember that the meat will cook a little more when it is returned in the sauce to reheat. You can flambé the meat before putting it aside to prepare the sauce, or you put the meat aside and deglaze the pan with cognac before making the sauce. This is the method I used.

Inspired by: Filetto alla Voronoff - Beef Fillet Voronoff
and: Filetto alla Voronoff

2 persons


2 beef fillets ~2 to 3 cm thick
1.5 dl full cream
0.5 dl cognac
1 sprig of rosemary
flour (opt)
Mustard (dijon)
butter, EVOO
S + P


Heat a pan with butter and a little EVOO.
Lightly pass the fillets in the flour then cook ~2 minutes or more according to taste and thickness per side, turning 1 or 2 times.
Add a little salt after each turning.
Add the cognac and flambé.
Season with pepper and reserve the meat (covered). Let the pan cool a little.
In the pan, put the rosemary, add the cream, 1 level tbsp of mustard, deglaze, stir and let thicken slowly (~10 minutes).

Remove the rosemary.
Return the meat to the pan, reheat by bringing to a simmer to thicken, coating the meat with the sauce, serve immediately.