Vegetable salad
=============== 2019-05-21

Thank you Fabienne

for 3 to 4 people

Comment: A small light salad for the summer. For seasoning, enjoy yourself, use of what you have, for example in my case (but not all at the same time):
- Roasted garlic olive oil
- Espelette pepper vinegar
- Cider vinegar
- Cider/blackberry vinegar
- ...
Can be served with shrimp or grilled chicken, if served without meat, double the amount of chickpeas.


2 carrots cut in thin slices (~100 g)
1 yellow pepper in strips (~200 g before cutting)
~40 sugar snap peas (150 g)
150 g sliced asparagus
1 zucchini cut in quarters and slices (150 g)
Chickpeas (200 g)
6 (half) dried tomatoes in oil
1 small red onion (or 1/2 larger)
Feta (opt)
S + P
Lemon juice
Red wine vinegar
Thyme and rosemary dried
A little vegetable broth


Sweat the carrots in a little EVOO and cook covered with a little vegetable broth until al-dente.
Remove excess broth. Reserve.
Fry the pepper cut into strips in a little EVOO with a little salt, half-covered. Reserve.
Same thing for the peas. Reserve.
Then the zucchini, then the asparagus, and chickpeas.

Add the chopped onion, then the tomatoes cut into small pieces.
Pepper and herbs.

A good shot of EVOO and a little vinegar or other condiment.

Mix well and let stand (and cool) ~1 hr.