Pico de Gallo (salsa
==================== 2016-05-09

6 to 8 portions

Comment: Pico de gallo is a mexican / southwestern dip or sauce that is most often used as a dip with corn chips. Also used as condiment or simply as a salad. Use of EVOO is optional.


   9 finely diced deseeded tomatoes (medium, less if larger)
   3 finely diced medium sized onion
   3 to 5  jalapenos deseeded finely diced (depending on heat)
   1 small bunch of cilantro chopped (including the smaller stalks)
   juice of 1 lime
   3 clove minced (grated) garlic
   salt, pepper
   5 soup spoons EVOO (opt)


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with some salt & pepper, and let rest a couple of hours before serving.