Microprocessors and Arduinos

Last update : 2021-04-02

On this page, documents on my Arduino and other microprocessors projects. The use of any program or piece of software described here is free to use, however there is no warranty of any kind coming with it.

Several of my early projects were on the Arduino plateform, but I quickly "graduated" to using regular micropocessors, in particular Microchip PIC devices. Their free IDE and compilers make it easy and economical to write programs in C and their ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) interface coupled with their low cost PicKit4 programmer provide a low cost to full program development and implementation.

As for PCB design and manufacturing, I use KiCad for PCB design (excellent free program) and you can't beat the Chinese for quick and cheap PCB manufacturing (PCBWay).

Some Arduino source code is available for download on this page, the other examples can be copied from the pdf's in the browser. Firefox seems to loose line endings, but Chrome of Edge do not.



ReturnTop Switch debouncing

This document presents a reliable method and implementation of switch debouncing.
Working Arduino examples are provided to illustrate the concept.

Document in pdf: debouncing.pdf
Arduino examples (zip file): arduino.zip


Return Top Simple I2C routines

Here we present a set of building blocks to write I2C routines in a simple environment and provide working example of I2C routines to control an EEPROMs and a temperature sensor.
Document in pdf: simple_i2c.pdf


Return Top Modifying a table from a subroutine

A brief note on how to set up a C subroutine that can modify a table
Document in pdf: table_modify.pdf